Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Strength Of Society-The Youth

Welcome to S.O.S. Here you will find information about S.O.S, its activities and concerns of young people. Your opinion, concerns or simply anything can be put in as comments and will be taken into great consideration for actions from S.O.S.
Strength Of Society (S.O.S) is a non- governmental organization, registered in the Maldives on the 4th of April 2006 to work for a better and prosperous future for the children and young people of Maldives.
Our vision
“A society where empowered young people act as responsible citizens and participate fully in shaping the society they live”.
• Facilitate the participation of young people in the society through awareness and training.
• Increase the participation of young people in the society as well in decision making process.
• Address issues affecting children and young people.
• Positively influence the policies affecting young people and advocate for changes.
• Foster for equal rights and opportunities among the children and young people in the Maldives.
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