Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Education Reform -CEDAW

S.O.S believes that an effective education system can play a significant role in bringing out a positive change among the young people. Hence S.O.S started to learn about the present education system for the past two months. We met with experts from the field and there views and professional advise was taken.
Group discussions amongst youth from various sectors were conducted.
Various different issues were raised in the group discussions which showed great a need for a forum. Hence on 18th January 2007, SOS held an open forum which concluded with a set of issues of different sectors of the present education system, also a set of recommendations were compiled for different sectors.

In the past months SOS made an effort to make it's voice in differnet arenas with regard to different issues. As a youth ngo, S.O.S ensured that its voice was clearly heard and voiced out for participation of young people.

Civil Society Consultaion by Gary Streeter (MP for Devon South West)
S.O.S participated in the round table consultaion meeting by Gary Streeter. In the meeting S.O.S highlighted concerns with regard to youth.

National Health Promotion Conference S.O.S participated as a youth NGO in the conference and learnt about best practices at regional level campaings and local aswell with reagrd to health promotion.

Workshop on Mental Health Policy for the Republic of Maldives S.O.S participated in this workshop in finalizing the drafted Mental Health Policy for Maldives and voiced out youth concerns reg arding the matter and recommendations were made.

CEDAW shadow report drafting meeting S.O.S participated in this workshop and actively participated in the drafting of the shadow report by "HAMA JAMIYAA"

Human rights day activities S.O.S supported the activities initiated by two other NGOs, Maldives Detainee Network and Youth For Equality. Among the events of 10th December included a rally for human rights and a music show.

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