Tuesday, July 8, 2008


The objective of this meeting was to provide a forum for members of government sectors and NGO’s to work towards a more comprehensive and effective approach to health promotion in Maldives.
Topic for this session was “health effects on tobacco and substance abuse”.
DPH brought in to light the activities carried out to control tobacco use in Maldives. A tobacco act has been formulated and sent to people’s majlis for approval.
Diabetes and cancer society has been working on a tobacco cessation clinic. Nicotine patches and quick packs been introduced.
IGMH highlighted on the increased number of injuries and deaths caused by accidents. Severe head injuries and death caused due to road traffic accidents.
Youth Health café shared their experience working with difficult groups.
Journey advised on how to reach to high risk groups and shared their practices and experiences.
SOS voiced out their concern for the inclusion of youth at areas directly affecting youth. And the need to share the out comes of such meetings with other NGO’s and relevant bodies.

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