Tuesday, July 8, 2008


The time of Democracy and modern thinking are upon us. With fires of knowledge lit beneath every institute we are in a the eye of a storm. there is so much upon us that we need to be careful in our actions decisions and interpretations of the changes around us. One thing that we need to BELIEVE is that the future is OURS.The decisions made today will affect the Lives of us and our Children. The youth of today will stand tall tomorrow on the shoulder of laws regulations and constitutional rights agreed and acknowledged today, in our Majilis and government.If we decide to let them go ahead and do what they feel right then when the time comes for us to take over the country we shall be left vacant and empty.If we are not involved in the crucial process of change we are going through today we shall never understand or exercise our right of deciding our future.The YOUTH between ages of 18 to 25 make up more than 25% of the population. Our voice is strong if we decide to make it be heard. It is now time for us to stand observe and get involved.It is not about POLITICS, it is about our RIGHTS.Let us be united and let them hear our voice.Let us decide what we want for our future.It is our responsibility for our children.

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