Sunday, October 5, 2008

S.O.S Presidential Poll 2008

For your information: Press Release 2008 October 05
Please find attached the results or statistics produced form an opinion poll conducted by S.O.S for the month of June and this last week.The sample size of the poll was 1,032 (which is the most appropriate sample size for a voting population of average 210,000 people) calls made to random numbers generated via a computer software.
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opinions said...

I am fed up of this poll thingy... One would say Hassan Saeed tops, The Other would say Anni, sometimes Maumoon...

I think it is better the elections commision put a halt to these polls until a proper polling body like Gallup is established here in Maldives.

Pretty much political propaganda.

And S.O.S, you should be ashamed to call your selves an NGO who is also part of the Civil Society Network.

S.O.S is a part of MDP... And I still have not looked at the results of this Poll... So guess what?